Sunday, May 28, 2017

LANCEMENT DU ROMAN de science-fiction:
                      DECOLLAGE INTERDIT -ENVOL-
                                          de l'auteure MA-J (MissAhdynn )
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book release : available on from MissAhdynn

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Blank paper shit sitting on the desk
Blank mind has got nothing going on 
Pencils in my hand, tapping on the table
Putting my thoughts through the test
Will there be words coming out this time
Will I manage to write a couple of words
One word all and enough to say something
Or no words at all to mean so much
Can it be my self is not ready to speak
Can’t I voice at all what is left of me 
Tree dots onto my page evenly spaced
Tell me what It is I wished to say
A scribble further down to the right
All I see is a pile of tangled emotions
If I down my pencil and chose to take the pen
Is it possible I might finally read from within


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Encore une fois

Il arrive parfois au cerveau
De nous jouer des tours
Sans que l'on s'y attende
Nous sommes pris au piège
De nos propres pensées
Confus, nous implorons notre Coeur
De ne point s'en meler
Bien que souvent, notre Subconscient
Nous rappelle qui nous sommes
Avec toutes nos faiblesses

Il m'arrive parfois de penser à toi
Qui n'a su reconnaitre en moi
Q'une simple amie
J'ai du mal à faire la différence
Entre l'amour et la passion
Mais je sais
Dès que ton regard se pose sur moi
Dès que ton souffle effleure ma peau
J'oublie tout.
Ce monde, ces gens
Tout ce qui me conforte, c'est ta présence

Il m'arrive de vouloir t'oublier
J'essaie depuis si longtemps
Que j'y suis parvenu
Pour un bref moment
Cependant, mon cerveau se moque de moi
Je ne puis le controler
Car il m'apporte le bonheur d'y penser
Pourtant mon coeur se dechire
Face à la réalite,
Puisqu'il me peine de le dire
Encore une fois; Je T'Aime

Monday, September 19, 2016

Nullement ...

Mon coeur n'est nullement encré,
Il va, il vient mais il aime.
Mon coeur quoi que pensé
Sans douleur, saigne tout de même.

Mon coeur n'est nullement étranger.
Il a subit l'amour, il a infligé pareil.
Mon coeur ne s'est jamais gêné.
Sans retenue, il a désiré être désiré pareil.

Mon coeur n'a nullement cédé,
Il a essayé et si souvent échoué.
Mon coeur n'a que trop tenté,
Sans aucun espoir, il a osé aimer.

Mon coeur n'est nullement brisé,
Il a voulu, il a vraiment espéré jadis.
Mon coeur n'a que trop péché,
Sans doute en rêve-t-il encore aujourd'hui.


Monday, September 5, 2016

Don't need a man

Standing in front of the mirror
Studying my reflection
And Looking back on
The roads I have traveled.
Where they my steps?
Was I thinking straight?
Or was it just me acting crazy as usual?

Guards up, no one will get through
There's so much I can do by myself
But so little, I know
Independent, I thrive to become
Objective: Success.
Boy oh boy, am I vulnerable
So many things in such little time.
Despite doubt, fear, I still see the light
I rely on them sometimes, but I wish I didn't

My heart aches of loneliness at times
The next day it is bright and beautiful
Hmm, it's nothing anymore.
Lust is more significant
Foolishness over marriage
Passion over thinking
Those relatives' questions I anticipate
They will be answered with just a glare

Can I just be a woman
A woman who don't need a man
A man that will stop her from being
The individual she is longing to be
The flower that is ready to bloom
The star that will shine at night
The laugh that will fluctuate other laughs
The smile that will become contagious

Can I just be a woman
A woman who don't need a man
I don't want to hold secrets
I don't want to wait in vain
I don't want to fall,
Who will catch me?

Can I just be a woman,
A woman who don't need a man
But a woman who wants a companion.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I really do...

If this is love then the world is doomed !

Just thinking about you brings me to tears on nights like these !

I find myself wishing you well while a drop rushes down my cheek !

A faint smile spread as I imagine your beautiful future without me!

I'm okay, I can't complain! You're ok from what i can tell !

But I wanted us to be ok too !

How long do you keep the dream alive before it turns into a nightmare?

How do u know when it's time to wake up?

I wish you well ! I wish her well i really do !

At peace with pain and anguish, cheers to you ...

Thursday, August 4, 2016


Ayisyen fout konstipe
Yo byen lwen kanpe
Ou pran sant yo k'ap rive
Leu yo fin ale
Ou gen lenpresyon li rete

Ayisyen fout konstipe
Tout fout se zotobre
Yo fout mèg kou bwa bale
Oubyen wòz kou mawoule
W'a tande klorox ak koupe vant yo
Selilè yo kole bò lestomak yo

Ayisyen fout konstipe
W'a tande lavi chè fè yo pran lari
Se magazen kilòt yo detwi
Ou konn lò'w gen kaKa se pt ou pt
Atisyen fout konstipe

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Warm Weather Forecast

Green leafs sways out into the world,
To the sound rythm of the blowing wind.

My heartbeat syncs to the music of the sun,
And a subtle warmth spread trough my veins.

Warm colors seap through the sky,
Emerging out of the clouds, shy and precious.

Grey thoughts can't echo through my mind,
I see pink, I see light, the air is now so bright.

Lost petals swim down the river streams,
As gracefully as the flowing water dances.

Butterflies run free, rampaging under my skin,
It's as beautiful as spring as it all bloom inside of me.

Life is set wild and free, a creature lurks into the bushes,
It has awoken once again thirsty,hungry, answering nature's call.

As this brightly painted picture unfolds inside of me,
It's a hot summer as this fire burns down my walls.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Toi et Moi

" Je veux une histoire d'amour avec toi"
Furent tes propos ce soir la.
Tes yeux moqueurs,
Se perdant dans les miens, lointain;
Je laisse placer un petit sourire sournois.
Tout d'abord, je te demande:
Connais-tu mon histoire?
Mon présent?
Mon future?
Que sais-tu de la passion qui dégage de mon corps,
Quand mon cœur palpite d'amour?
Voudrais- tu délecter la braise de mes hanches rondes?
Ou te perdre dans mes bras quand tes forces
Épuisées des fardeaux du monde, s’écrouleront?

Qui ne dis mot, consens...
Jeune Homme!
M'avez-vous entendus?

Je te sens déjà partir vers d'autres fleurs
Ton regard furtif, je compte bien te laisser
Planter la.
Et tu reviens a moi.
"Je n'ai besoin que de toi, tout de toi;
J'ai hâte d’être dans tes bras quand mon monde s’écroule
J'ai l'angoisse de dévorer chaque parcelle de toi.
Je risque tout, même si tout causera ma perte
Alors que dis-tu?

Partons des ce soir
Demain n'est pas a nous
Encore moins aujourd'hui
Faisons de nous une éternité
Faisons UN tout simplement

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fly To The Sky !

Breathing isn't what we sit around and think about though we do it everyday.
Reality makes it so we only need to think of it, when it's time to make it stop.
Is it foolish of me to associate this to having fallen in love?
As in most of us just naturally, innocently, unconsciously start to love but,
Naturally, chaos always manages to ensue the minute we start thinking about it. 

Just now, I'm sincerely trying to put down how I feel 
On a blank sheet of paper, with a picture of you staring back at me .
Odly enough, our story is just the same as any other out there .

Most days, we dream of our paths crossing with that significant other
In whom we'd love to abandon ourselves, weakness, fears and all.
Nothing more then that person we'd love, we'd hate but come home to.

Kindly enough, despite the tales very few do achieve that serein state
You thrive an entire life, seeking said love but this world is ugly
Ugly enough for us to spend our years dreaming of better days 

Days we love again, Days we fly to the sky