Thursday, September 21, 2017


Elle est belle
Et Elle est forte.

Elle écoute
Et Elle entend.

Elle est Partout
Et comprend.

Elle demande
Et Elle accepte.

Elle offre
Et Elle reprend .

Elle a tord
Ou raison.

Elle est tendresse
Et Elle est douce.

Elle est passion
Et Elle est fougue.

Elle a grand coeur
Et Grands espoirs.

Elle est courage
Et Elle est rêve.

Elle aime
Et Elle déteste.

Elle est joie
Douleur et colère.

Friday, September 15, 2017

I Have

I've seen you laugh
With those who make you Happy.

I've seen you smile
With the women who make you Happy.

I've yet  to see you angry
In this world we both, share Sadly .

But I've seen you sad
In pain, at lost and very much hurt , Sadly.

I've see you worried
About the well being of friends and family.

I've seen you proud
About happenings of this beautiful family.

I've seen you fed up
A few times you needed to be near me.

But i've never seen you happy
Smile, worry, angry or proud anywhere near me.


Friday, September 8, 2017

Sometimes it Hurts

Sometimes it hurts.
To be, to see,
To hear, to fear.
Sometimes it heals.

People go out of their way,
To do the things that harm you.
They seek to do away
With every bit of you.

People never intended to hurt you.
It just turned out that way.
You happened to be in their way,
And they needed to deal with you.

People are totally unaware of your presence
It's you who get hurt all by yourself, you know.
Your identity being the epitome of irrelevance,
Your wounds therefore impossible for them to know.

It hurts.
Pain is a witness.
Pain is a testimony.

A wound has been identified.
A wound means you survived.
Because pain is relief.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Will you try ...

When the rain comes rushing down,
Will you come looking for me?
When it rains cords in the town
Will you rush to be beside me?

When the storm rages outside,
Will you try to comfort me?
When it storms in my mind,
Will you seek to apaise me?

When the wind reaks havok in its path,
Will you fight for you, for me?
When it blows away all my strength in its rath,
Will you be strong enough for you and me?

Friday, August 25, 2017

Je peux guérir

Ne m'en veux pas si mes mots ne t'adressent pas.
Dix jours, dix mois, dix ans sans toi.
Ce n'est pas grave, ainsi s'arrête mon toi et moi.
Tu m'as déjà oubliée, maintenant à moi.

Je peux rire, sourire.
J'ai pu guérir.
Je vois l'avenir.
Je ne vais pas mourir.

Ne m'en veux pas si je ne pense que peu de toi.
Dix jours, dix mois, dix ans si loin de toi.
C'est assez pour nourir la fin de toi et moi.
Tu m'as déjà oubliée, penses-tu que je n'y arriverais pas.

Je vais survivre.
Je vais pouvoir vivre.
Le coeur ouvert, plus de givre,
L'esprit clair, plus du tout ivre.

Ne m'en veux pas si je ne dis plus je t'aime toi.
Dix jours, dix mois, dix ans valent plus que ça.
Ce n'est point grave si notre histoire s'arrête là.
Tu m'as déjà oubliée, alors à moi : "Adieu, à toi."

Friday, August 18, 2017

Down the road

Three birs walked down the road,
   To say "Hello" to Mr Toad.

Gently dressed, in all white feathers,
   Beautiful, Joyful, in the best of weathers.

Turned left at the fountain in the park,
   Walked in the tunnel, through the dark.

Courageously carried on, came out the other side
   Shook out the darkness from their mind.

Though out now, blinded by the sun
   They pushed through, walking as one.

On this path down the road,
   Lived a gentleman Toad.

If three birds walking by bothered to say "Hello"
   They were cured of all wounds, sent home with a glow.


Friday, August 11, 2017


Brise goût,
Brise glace,
Papillon écarlate,

Dix coups,
Dix claques,
Amitié syncrétique.

Si nous,
Si moi,
Funelle sans écarts.

Brise cou,
Brise patte,
Champignon sans arnaque.

Dix jours,
Dix anals,
Frivolité emblématique.

Si nous,
Si moi,
Hirondelle en pétale.


Friday, August 4, 2017

Pictures of you

Pictures of you tend to seriously haunt me.
Why is that, your presence must always taunt me?

I'll close my eyes, pretend to be blind,
Think of everything, anything, just to clear my mind.

Pictures of you tend to follow me where I go.
Like a shadow, Day and night, with me ever so.

I'll close myself away from society, from it all.
Walk away from this life, drop it, end it all.

Pictures of you tend to invade my world.
Trail my days, my thoughts, my every word.

I'll close my mind, my heart, as much as one could
Turn off my overtired brain, only to wonder whether or not I should.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rêves Déclassés

Par des moments passés,
  Quelques gouttes d'amour,
Pour m'enivrer,
  Que je me reveille un jour.

Par des mots mal placés,
  Quelques verbes choisis,
Pour me laisser savoir
  Qu'entre nous, c'est fini.

Par des rêves massacrés,
  Quelques gestes tordus,
Pour m'enlever tout espoir
  Qu'on ne serait pas perdu.

Par des idées lassées,
  Quelques malheurs abbattus
Pour m'empêcher de vouloir
  Que notre futur survive, têtue.


Friday, July 21, 2017

If tree birds

If tree birds sang
   The tunes from bleeding hearts,
Wishes would go up in flames,
   Passions would burn a fire
To the likes of a raging sun.

If tree birds spoke
   The tales of dying hopes,
Wonders would burn to ashes,
   Dreams rose from the dead
To the likes of haunting curses.

If tree birds heard
   The truth within the stories,
Will would singe its ways,
   Mind would fester
To the likes of withering corpses.

If tree birds read
   The fate hidden in the leaves,
Whispers would kiln our soul,
   Spirits would sear through the path
To the likes of Hope's tread marks.